Android, iPhone App Pricing: How much do I charge for my mobile Apps

Most people are looking to make some extra money through their apps.  Your Android or iPhone app pricing strategy is going to be a key factor in determining your profits.

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Which mobile OS platform to use? iPhone iOS? Android? Windows Phone 7? WebOS? BlackBerry?

We live in exciting times for mobile app development!  There are so many good smart phones out there now, so many mobile OS platforms to choose from.  It’s hard enough to decide which phone to buy much less which phone to make Apps for!  Most everybody knows about iPhone Apps, in fact, I suspect that many don’t realize that there are other types of Apps out there.  My goal in this article is to educate you about your options as a mobile App developer and help you decide which one(s) to build your new App on.

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iPhone Android Mobile Apps — Market Research

In part 2 of my ongoing series on how to create your own iPhone or Android mobile app, I am going to discuss market research.  In part 1 we discussed whether you want to make a specialized niche market app or a lottery winning mass market app.  You select a general app topic based on your own passions and/or expertise. Continue reading

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How do I come up with a mobile app idea?

Jump in the app water!

Welcome to the exciting and fulfilling world of Mobile App development.  In this series of articles, I’m going to talk about the process for creating your own successful mobile app.

The first step, is to determine what type of mobile app you want to create.   As successful authors say, it is best to write about something that you know about.  The same is true of apps.  Think about where your passion is, what you are an expert at.  When you know the subject matter, it comes through in your app.

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Hello world!

The App Wizard

Welcome to the AppWizard blog, sponsored by Laughing Place Apps.  Come here to find tips and tricks about App development, the App business and life in general!  We’re still working on this site so stay tuned…

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