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Our top priority is to make happy customers by making App-standing Apps.  To achieve that, we offer you options so you can decide exactly how you want to proceed.  Support the American economy: we are a 100% American based company, all Apps are designed and built in the United States of America!

How do I get my App built?

We have a very simple and clearly defined process for developing an App for you.  Here are the steps:

Step One - Apply:

The first step is up to you: simply fill in the form to the right of this page and click the Apply button.  This will send your information to our team of experts.

Step Two - Specify Requirements:

Once we have your application, one of us will contact you and work closely with you to specify the details of your project.  We will help you figure out the details of your idea.

Step Three - Proposal:

Once we know what you want, our expert team works together and develops a proposal for you.  This proposal will include cost and time estimates as well as a rough mockup of your app so you can see what it might look like (always subject to your approval and requested changes).  W give you both a fixed price bid and a billable hour estimate.  We prefer to bill you for the amount of work we do, no more and no less.  This gives everyone the most flexibility, so we usually recommend that you opt to pay us billable hours.  We find we can often beat our fixed price bid; depending, of course, on the number of changes requested.  The proposal will also include options for ongoing maintenance and marketing – We call this the Setups for Success planClick here for a full description of Payment Options.

Step Four - Contract:

When you accept our proposal (of course you will!), we create a contract for you to sign.  There are no lawyers on our team; our contracts are simple, to the point, and written in plain English.  This contract specifies our agreement: what we expect from you, the customer, in terms of multi-media, content, and payments, and it will also specify what you can expect from us in terms of what is included in the final product, timelines, and progress reports.  We ask for a good faith deposit at this point.

Step Five - Wireframes:

Now we're ready to start building your App! During the wireframe phase, our developers will work closely with you to create the look and feel of your app.  We will create a detailed wireframe of each page of your app, selecting colors, images, graphics, and fonts according your requirements.

Step Six - Development:

At this point our software engineers take over and work their magic to create your app for you.  Your help may be required periodically for evaluation/approval, and you will receive weekly progress reports.

Step Seven - Testing:

The first version of the App is complete and ready for testing.  Our Quality Assurance department will test the app and ensure that it meets your requirements as well as testing for bugs.  You will be asked to test the app and verify that it meets your requirements.

Step Eight - Release, Maintenance, Marketing:

In the final phase, we submit your app to appropriate app stores (iTunes, Google Marketplace, etc).  If you opted for the Setups for Success plan, we will begin marketing your App for you.  We will also help your customers and respond to any concerns they might have with using the App.

What can we do for you?

The obvious question is -- what can we do for you?  The answer is we can do appsolutely anything that has to do with apps.  With 30+ years of experience in software development, we know what we're doing.  We provide the complete package - turnkey solutions are our specialty.  We want to set you up for success and we will do whatever it takes.  Click here for a list of our skill expertise.

As a turnkey operation, we offer you the option to let us handle all of the marketing and maintenance for you.  We call this Setup for Success because we believe that excellent marketing and maintenance ensures that your app is well received and gets the Internet Presence that makes it accessible to a large audience.  Our fee for this will depend on how much you want us to handle.  Some of the things we do:

  • Submit the App for reviews to high traffic App Review websites
  • Build accompanying website for the App and provide SEO quality copy and maintenance for it.
  • Create and maintain Social Media pages for App on Facebook, etc.
  • Provide timely customer support to enhance user reviews and ranking
    Make improvements and add updates to App.
  • Market App in appropriate Internet venues like Google Adwords and Facebook (fees apply)

  We offer a monthly rate and a discounted yearly rate.

    We can do App development, we specialize in cross platform apps:
  • iPhone and iPod Touch Apps
  • iPad Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Android Tablet Apps
  • database driven apps
  • web interface apps
  • GPS apps
  • Multimedia apps

    We have skills in website and database development:
  • Website development - if you want a matching website for your app we can do that!
  • Javascript/jQuery interfaces to your app
  • Setup database servers to interface with your app (MySQL, SQL Server, SQLLite)
  • Interface to existing databases (MySQL, SQL Server, SQLLite)
  • Create an onboard database for your app
  • Build mobile web pages for your website
  • AJAX, JSON interfaces for your app to website interface
  • Wordpress - we "speak" Wordpress fluently if you need that sort of thing
  • Hosting- We can provide hosting for websites, databases, or whatever you need. We can do Windows, Linux, Unix; you name it; we'll welcome it, and make it feel like home.

    If you need something more serious we can do commercial grade applications too:
  • Visual C++ applications
  • Embedded applications
  • Database applications
  • Linux applications
  • Mac OS applications
  • E-commerce applications
  • Authentication applications
  • Content delivery interfaces
  • Customized payment interfaces
  • Low level device drivers
  • User interfaces
  • Serial and USB communications
  • Network, Wifi applications
  • Billable hours: this means that you pay us at an hourly rate.  You pay us for exactly what we do, no more and no less.  Hourly rates vary depending on the type of work being done.  We love this option because it allows us to respond in a flexible way as your idea evolves through the process.  We typically will ask you for a deposit at the beginning of the project, once that has been spent you will receive periodic invoices.  We will do our best to estimate the number of hours required in our Proposal, with luck we will get done more quickly than anticipated!
  • Fixed Price: this means that we give you a fixed cost in our proposal. This is how much you pay for the app.  You may enjoy the security of knowing what the cost will be.  This does mean that we will not be able to make significant changes to the design -- we have to be very precise about what the app will do for you.  Typically you will make a deposit at the beginning, and then we will ask you to make payments at milestones through the process.  Final payment will be due when your app is released for sale.

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