Meet the Laughing Place Apps Dream Team!

Come and meet our 100% All American Appy Dream Team.

Alan Moore Alan is the wizard behind the curtain.  In his almost 30 years in the tech industry, he’s done everything from embedded programming on oil rigs to calibrating the lasers for Lasik eye surgery, developing custom E-commerce packages and cutting edge web technologies.  Now he’s slap-appy for App development, and his broad experience adds even more creative depth to what is possible in the App market.  Alan has App-itude!  When he isn’t developing the latest in App-lications, you’ll find Alan reading sports car reviews or mowing a pasture.
Ahnalira Koan Where ever there is a call for design, you’ll find Ahnalira waving her creative wand.  She envisions the success of every project and makes sure all the pieces are in place for the magic to happen.  From concept to spreading the word across cyber-space, Ahnalira brings the aesthetic touch that makes the design process hum.  Ahnalira is app-solutely artful!  When she is done setting everyone up for success, Ahnalira heads out to the barn to play with her horses or to her art studio to play with color.
JJ Thomas JJ has a passion for Apps and service.  His understanding of the App world and his commitment to making sure every client gets their desires fulfilled makes him App-standing as the Laughing Place Apps Customer Service specialist.  In addition, he brings his expertise with servers and hosting websites to our clients who want our “Setup for Success” package to further enhance the Apps we develop.  JJ makes sure all your needs are app-reciated!  When he takes a break from providing support and service, you’ll find JJ strumming his guitar while he watches hockey.
Christee Thomas On every team, there is the person who tracks and reports and makes sure the t’s get crossed.  The person you go to when you want something done well.  Christee makes it look as easy as saying, “App-racadabra” as she manages spreadsheets and tracks royalties for clients.  You can count on Christee to get it done.  We do. When she knows the details are all in their place, Christee plans Disney adventures at


The App Dream Team Gets it done:


Discussing important business at Disneyland!

An outdoor conference in Sedona, AZ.

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